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Sold in over 25 countries, How to Draw Cars Now is not just a purchase, but rather an investment!  An investment that will help you build a solid foundation for vehicle illustration and transportation design.  This introductory course to drawing cars is designed to help you with the following:

How to Draw Cars Now Car sketches

Understand basic automotive terminology

  1. Fundamental approach to improve your sketching ability
  2. A structured thinking methodology and mindset for drawing and continuous improvement
  3. How to work in both traditional and digital mediums


Upon completion of this course and continued use of the practice exercises, one will be able to:

Execute properly proportioned profile views of vehicles in the sports car, sedan , and even classic car segment.

  1. Improve their control in sketching freehand
  2. Learn the different types of mediums to sketch with ie pencils, pens, markers, and gouache paints.
  3. Understand the importance of primitive shapes and their direct relationship to complex forms
  4. Approach Marker Rendering with proper methodologies for execution.
  5. Learn how use traditional drawing techniques and apply them directly to digital tools.

Video Format:

MP4 video files at 1024 X 576 Wide Screen. (also playable on an ipad)

Running Time: 5 hours

Video Files included:


Basic Sketching exercises – training your arms and hands to acquire consistency in your line work

  • Applying Sketching techniques – learn cross hatching techniques and their application
  • Thumbnail sketching – A process used for exploring ideas and subject matter
  • Basics in Reflections – Learn the fundamentals of reflections and how to apply it.
  • Proportion – Learn guidelines for creating realistic looking cars that are well proportioned.
  • Marker Rendering – Create a fully detailed marker rendering that builds from the lessons above.
  • Intro to Perspective –  Learn fundamentals in 1 and 2 point perspective.


Digital Tools – Explanation of the digital gear and software  used to create your digital painting.

  • Intro to using Photoshop and Wacom Tablet
  • Work space setup – Choosing resolution, brushes, and basic tools
  • Simple Rendering – Helping you get used to sketching digitally
  • Intro Speed Painting – A process to help you interpret reality quicker
  • Digital painting – A full blown digital painting using Photoshop.

Plus we are including 4 more BONUS Gifts!

  1. NEW!! Intro to Perspective Ebook – 40 pages with Printable Practice Templates!
  2. Intro to Perspective Video
  3. Proportions Ebook – with Printable Practice Templates!
  4. The Driven Mavens Mindset Ebook – Collection of our Top Inspirational Blog posts + a Digital Painting Tutorial